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We have prepared this bundle for our fans who want to support us by purchasing everything we have developed and produced so far. Everyone who buys this bundle gets a special imaginary "BigClown" badge, which provides a permanent 5% discount on all future purchases - forever!!! 

This set is also suitable for those who have a desire to invent their own projects.

Set contains 2 Core Modules, 2 Base Modules, Bridge Module, Battery Module, Mini Battery Module, LCD Module, Encoder Module, PIR Module, Sensor Module, Sigfox Module, CO2 Module, Relay Module, Power Module, Breadboard Module, Tag Module, NFC Tag, Temperature Tag, Humidity Tag, Lux Meter Tag, Barometer Tag, Raspberry Pi3 Set, pre-configured MicroSD Card 8GB, USB Cable AM/B-Micro 0.6m and LED Thermometer RGBW 0.5 m 72 LEDs.

The total price of this set 506,10 EUR, you will save 59,60 EUR (12%)!

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