Sigfox Module

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Certified Sigfox Module enables BigClown to communicate with Sigfox wireless network. This network belongs to a group called Low-power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN). Wireless communication takes place in the 868 MHz band.

If you do not have a signed agreement with your Sigfox network operator, then purchase this module in our package with the 3-year subscription of MySigfox Platinum service, which provides data transfer from Sigfox backend to your server. In this case, you will get this module for free!

MySigfox service provides Sigfox connectivity and allows you to connect BigClown devices to your own server without the need of signing a contract with Sigfox operator.

In the Czech Republic, SimpleCell company operates Sigfox network, but Sigfox works in many other countries in Europe (roaming service works automatically). This technology allows you to communicate from a battery-powered device directly to the server, even for several years. By using the narrow band, the device can communicate with the operator cell over a distance of more than 100 km. The modulation speed is only 100 bps, allowing you to use the very narrow bandwidth and thus communicate over long distances even with very low energy demands.

This network has a wide range of applications. Its use is particularly useful in energy consumption meters (e.g. water meters, gas meters, etc.), environmental sensors (e.g. CO2 monitor), but also in applications for early reports of accidents or defects (e.g. water leak detector).

However, it is important to note the important feature of this network, which concerns the limitation of transmitted data. In the Sigfox network, only 140 messages a day with a maximum data payload of 12 bytes (96 bits) can be transferred from the device. This limitation is based on European legislation for the 868 MHz band, which states that the device may not transmit more than 1% of the time of the last 24-hour period. The Sigfox network does not address the format of the data frame - it only guarantees its transfer to a user-defined destination (usually a server service).

Thanks to BigClown, the Sigfox network is no longer available only to businesses and applications with mass volume potential, but is really available to any geek, IT specialist or small business.


  • Official certification from Sigfox
  • Modem Wisol WSSFM10R1AT
  • Communication via UART via AT commands
  • SMA antenna ANT-SS900
  • Standby power consumption 2 μA
  • Power consumption of 65 mA for about 6 seconds
  • Operating temperature range: -20 to 70 ° C
  • Dimensions: 33 x 55 mm
  • 10-year warranty

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Sigfox Module