Core Core Set Basic set for every developer who wants to create own firmware for a microcontroller. Integrated security chip, temperature sensor, accelerometer, lux meter sensor and SDK makes this set a great solution for your projects. €27.20 €35 In Stock
Basic Basic Wireless Set This set contains two units - Base and Remote. You'll be able to create a basic wireless network and monitor temperature, humidity and a state of an accelerometer.  €74.50 €88.50 In Stock
Smart Smart LED Strip Set Set contains all you need to build Smart LED Strip, which will monitor the temperature and humidity and can be controlled through your smartphone. It's an ideal start of building your home automation. It works right after you plug it in... €186.40 €221.10 In Stock
Supporter Supporter collection We have prepared this bundle for our fans who want to support us by purchasing everything we have developed and produced so far. Everyone who buys this bundle gets a special imaginary "BigClown" badge, which provides a permanent 5% discount on all future purchases - forever!!!  €446.50 €506.10 In Stock
Climate Climate Set With this set, you'll be able to create a climate unit and monitor temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and light conditions in your house or office. You'll be able to present amazing graphs of measured data and visualize actual temperature on the original LED thermometer. €82.60 €111 In Stock