Core Core Module The key element of every node including processing power and wireless subsystem.  €29.60 In Stock
Battery Battery Module The Battery Module is designed as a power supply source for battery-operated nodes. €16.70 In Stock
Tag Tag Module Tag Module enables to connect up to six extra tags. Every tag has a unique I2C address. €9.30 In Stock
CO2 CO2 Module Carbon-dioxide low-power sensor based on nondispersive infrared technology. €92.60 In Stock
Power Power Module This module allows to connect 5 V DC wall adapter via a standard 2.1 mm power jack socket.  €18.50 In Stock
Relay Relay Module Relay Module is suitable for switching small power appliances - e.g. LED strip, cooling fan, siren, buzzer, garage door opener, etc. €14.80 In Stock
Base Base Module Works as a base for nodes and can be mounted on a DIN rail too.  €5.60 In Stock
Breadboard Breadboard Module Breadboard Module offers an easy way to connect any BigClown module to a breadboard. €13 In Stock
Probe Probe Module This module is an electro-mechanical interface between test points and your equipment’s probes. €22.20 In Stock
Bridge Bridge Module Bridge Module provides an easy path to connect some of the BigClown modules and/or tags to the USB host like Raspberry Pi or any desktop/laptop computer. €18.50 In Stock