Core Core Module The key element of every node including processing power and wireless subsystem.  €29.50 In Stock
Sigfox Sigfox Module Certified Sigfox Module enables BigClown to communicate with Sigfox wireless network. If you do not have a signed agreement with your Sigfox network operator, then purchase this module in our package with the 3-year subscription of MySigfox Platinum service, which provides data transfer from Sigfox backend to your server. In this case, you will get this module for free! €18.50 In Stock
LCD LCD Module - BG The heart of the module is the unique 1.28" Sharp LCD Display with 128 x 128 pixels resolution. The main advantage is ultra low power consumption which guarantees very long battery operation. €37 In Stock
Climate Climate Module Climate Module integrates 4 environmental sensors connected to the I²C bus to one single board and allows you to measure temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure and ambient light intensity. €18.50 In Stock
Sensor Sensor Module Sensor Module can serve for many useful functions such as interfacing buttons, voltage measurement, RTD temperature sensors measurement, communication with digital thermometers and other sensors, or digital peripheral control. €9.50 In Stock
Encoder Encoder Module Encoder Module is the ideal tool for controlling your applications. The module is equipped with a high-quality Bourns rotary encoder with high reliability and durability. The displayed aluminum knob is not a part of the module. €9.50 In Stock
PIR PIR Module PIR Module is primarily designed to detect the motion of people in the interior. A typical example of using the PIR Module can be a wireless motion detector located on the ceiling of the room. €17 In Stock
CO2 CO2 Module Carbon-dioxide low-power sensor based on nondispersive infrared technology. €93 In Stock
Battery Battery Module The Battery Module is designed as a power supply source for battery-operated nodes. €14.50 In Stock
Mini Mini Battery Module Mini Battery Module is designed to power BigClown battery-operated devices and has been developed to minimize the size of the entire unit. The dimension does not exceed the size of the standard BigClown modules. €11 In Stock
Power Power Module This module allows to connect 5 V DC wall adapter via a standard 2.1 mm power jack socket.  €18.50 In Stock
Relay Relay Module Relay Module is suitable for switching small power appliances - e.g. LED strip, cooling fan, siren, buzzer, garage door opener, etc. €13 In Stock
Base Base Module Works as a base for nodes and can be mounted on a DIN rail too.  €5.50 In Stock
Tag Tag Module Tag Module enables to connect up to six extra tags. Every tag has a unique I2C address. €7 In Stock
Breadboard Breadboard Module Breadboard Module offers an easy way to connect any BigClown module to a breadboard. €9.50 In Stock
Probe Probe Module This module is an electro-mechanical interface between test points and your equipment’s probes. €18.50 In Stock
Bridge Bridge Module Bridge Module provides an easy path to connect some of the BigClown modules and/or tags to the USB host like Raspberry Pi or any desktop/laptop computer. €14.50 In Stock