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  • module core A Code: BCM001
    In stock

    The Core Module is the key element of every BigClown node. It has a 32-bit ARM microcontroller with 192 kB of flash memory and 20 kB of RAM. Besides the integrated sub-GHz radio for the 868/915 MHz band, it also features a digital temperature sensor, 3D accelerometer, and security chip.

    623 Kč excl. VAT 754 Kč
  • project climate a 4 Code: BCS006
    In stock

    The Climate Module integrates 4 environmental sensors - temperature, humidity, light intensity and atmospheric pressure. All sensors are digital, feature a low-power operating modes and they are connected using the I²C bus. It is a great product for environmental monitoring, weather stations, etc.

    1 354 Kč excl. VAT 1 638 Kč
  • usb dongle C Code: BCW001
    In stock

    The USB Dongle is the main element of the BigClown radio network. This product works as a gateway for the BigClown nodes. It looks like a USB stick. You can plug it to your desktop, Raspberry Pi, or Turris Omnia. Also, you can look at it as an access point for up to 32 BigClown nodes.

    516 Kč excl. VAT 624 Kč
  • project motion a 4 Code: BCS005
    In stock

    The Motion Detector Kit makes it possible to detect human presence. It communicates wirelessly and operates up to 2 years from the standard Alkaline batteries. Using the digital, low-power, passive infrared technology (PIR), you will be able to build your own alarm or turn on the lighting automatically.

    1 332 Kč excl. VAT 1 612 Kč
  • project thermostat lcd a 4 Code: BCS008
    In stock

    The LCD Thermostat Kit allows you to control your heating in a really cool way. It communicates wirelessly and operates up to 2 years from the standard Alkaline batteries. You will be able to see the room temperature on a memory LCD and adjust the desired temperature (setpoint) with the pair of buttons.

    1 783 Kč excl. VAT 2 158 Kč
  • project flood a 4 Code: BCS007
    In stock

    The Flood Detector Kit will let you know in case of a water leak accident in your bathroom or kitchen. Just place it on the floor in close proximity of a washing machine or dishwasher. It communicates wirelessly and operates up to 2 years from the standard Alkaline batteries. You will receive a push notification when the accident happens.

    1 440 Kč excl. VAT 1 742 Kč
  • module mini battery C Code: BCM016
    In stock

    The Mini Battery Module is designed as a power supply source for the battery-operated units. The integrated low-power boost converter provides an excellent efficiency from the two AAA 1.5 V Alkaline cells. It features a bottom-entry sockets, so the overall profile of the unit you build remains low.

    236 Kč excl. VAT 286 Kč
  • Kits 956x468 Premium Tip Free shipping Code: BCS002
    In stock

    A perfect start to making your IoT devices. With this kit, you’ll be able to build the Motion Detector, Climate Monitor, Flood Detector, LCD Thermostat and Smart LED Strip projects. The kit also includes the USB Dongle that will create a gateway for the devices you build.

    7 714 Kč excl. VAT 9 334 Kč
  • tag humidity A Code: BCT002
    In stock

    The Humidity Tag uses a high-accuracy humidity sensor SHT20 with a typical accuracy of ±3 % from 20 % to 80 %. This sensor is digital and calibrated. It communicates using an I²C bus and features a very low power operation and shutdown mode.

    193 Kč excl. VAT 234 Kč