• project climate a 4 Code: BCS006
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    The Climate Module integrates 4 environmental sensors - temperature, humidity, light intensity and atmospheric pressure. All sensors are digital, feature a low-power operating modes and they are connected using the I²C bus. It is a great product for environmental monitoring, weather stations, etc.

    €52,10 excl. VAT €63
  • Kits 956x468 Premium Tip Free shipping Code: BCS002
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    A perfect start to making your IoT devices and cover the most popular applications in your house or office.

    €296,70 excl. VAT €359
  • project flood a 4 Code: BCS007
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    Watch the water leakage in the bathroom or kitchen.


    €55,40 excl. VAT €67
  • usb dongle C Code: BCW001
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    The USB Dongle is the main element of the BigClown radio network. This product works as a gateway for the BigClown nodes. It looks like a USB stick. You can plug it to your desktop, Raspberry Pi, or Turris Omnia. Also, you can look at it as an access point for up to 32 BigClown nodes.

    €19,80 excl. VAT €24
  • module core A Code: BCM001
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    The Core Module is the key element of every BigClown node. It has a 32-bit ARM microcontroller with 192 kB of flash memory and 20 kB of RAM. Besides the integrated sub-GHz radio for the 868/915 MHz band, it also features a digital temperature sensor, 3D accelerometer, and security chip.

    €24 excl. VAT €29
  • project thermostat lcd a 4 Code: BCS008
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    Control your heating! 


    €68,60 excl. VAT €83